Top Eleven Hack 2018

Top Eleven Hack 2018 – Tokens and Cash Cheats

Top Eleven is an extremely addictive football simulation and management game, which is developed by Nordeus Games. The game is available on Android and iOS platforms just like our Top Eleven hack, so those who have a compatible device can easily download and play the game. Top Eleven provides an in-depth gaming experience as you discover various aspects of managing a football team.

Top Eleven Hack 2018

The game features use of different items, which plays an important role in your overall growth and development. If you want to be a good football manager, you need to have ample amount of currencies and resources and for that you may need the help of our Top Eleven Hack 2018. Only the manager is responsible for the well-being of the team! Below mentioned are some important in-game resources and currencies, which will give you an edge over other opponents in the game.


Cash is the main game currency, which is required to acquire new players and retain old players in the game. You can earn Cash by playing different matches or by using Top Eleven Cheats. However, when you play Friendly matches, you will be rewarded with less Cash while League matches will award you with more Cash.




They are the premium game currency, which can be used to purchase special items and acquire highly skilled players. You can even purchase other items such as Treatments, Morale Boosters, Rests, and Cash with Tokens. You can either buy the required amount of Tokens in the game with real money, acquire them by leveling up in the game or by using Top Eleven Hack.

Purchasing Tokens with real money will give you the required Tokens instantly while acquiring them through hard-work can be a tedious task. Alternatively, you can choose Top Eleven Hack 2018 for generating in-game currencies immediately. If you want to earn game currencies by working hard, then the below mentioned tips will be of great assistance:

Daily Bonus:

The game offers Cash or Tokens as a daily login reward. This is to encourage gamers to play the game on a daily basis. Daily Bonus is actually a surprise briefcase, which contains your reward amount. As soon as you login, you are presented with three different briefcases and you have to pick one. No matter how busy you are; don’t forget to login to the game on daily basis to collect your Daily Bonus.

Watching Videos:

You can get Cash, Treatments, Morale Boosters, and Rest Points by watching promotional videos in the game. This is one of the easiest ways to earn these things, as you get 10K Cash or a single Rest, Treatments, and Morale Booster Points by watching a promotional video. You can repeat this activity several times a day, in order to earn free rewards in the form of promotional bonus. If you  are too lazy to do that just go and use Top Eleven Hack Cheats

Free Tokens With Offers:

The game also features a window, which shows the list of offers that you can complete in order to earn free Tokens. The offers mentioned includes; downloading and trying other mobile applications. Once you successfully complete an offer, you will be awarded with Free Tokens. You can complete as many offers as you wish in the game in order to earn Free Tokens.

Share On Social Network:

Once you level up or win a match, you are provided with an option to post the same to your social networking page. If you choose to post it on your social media page then you will be awarded with 5 Free Tokens whenever you share something. This activity can also be done several times a day.


Treatments are special points, which can be used to revive your injured player in the game. Football is a game where injuries are about to happen! Imagine, if your star forward player gets injured during the match then you could lose him for the entire season if his injury is grave. In such cases, you can spend Treatments in order to revive your players or reduce the recovery time.

Morale Boosters:

You will not win every single match you play, and whenever you lose a match, the Morale of your players’ decreases. If you team Morale stays low then it becomes difficult for your team to win matches even against weak opponents. You can use Morale Boosters Points in order to increase the Morale of your team members. This will ensure that your team performance is always up to the mark.


Every match that you play will tire out your players. If your players are tired then they won’t be able to perform well in the upcoming matches. You can remove your tired players from the squad in order to give them adequate rest or you can use Rest Points to instantly energize your players in the game.

If you use the above mentioned tips then you can easily accumulate ample amount of required resources in Top Eleven. These resources can be used to make your club one of the best clubs ever in Top Eleven. It is one of the most popular sports game available on pocket platforms and is played by over 170 million gamers across the globe. Below mentioned are some of the important features of the game, which will induce you to start playing it right away:

Create Club:

This feature gives you complete freedom in creating a football club from scratch. You can begin by naming your club and setting your preferred stadium. Then customize your football team by choosing from thousands of real football players available in the market. You can create your team logo and select your team’s kit. Moreover, you can formulate strategies and edit formation of your club as per your individual preference or as per the opponent.

League And Friendly Matches:

There are two types of matches in the game; i.e. League Matches, which affects your league statistics and Friendly Matches that does not affect your statistics and are a great way to warm up your team. You can view the League Matches inline by checking your rooster in the game or you can also choose to challenge other online players for a friendly match. You will compete against other player’s club and the winner will be determined on aspects such as; formations, strategy, and team statistics.

Manager Mode:

In the Manager Mode, you will experience the best team management experience with this game. If your club becomes popular, you need to make sure that your stadium is big enough to accommodate your fans. In order to do that, you have to constantly upgrade your football club and your stadium, so that all your fans are well accommodated in the matches.


The training sessions focus on increasing attributes of your team players. You can conduct individual training sessions or team training sessions. There are three types of team trainings; easy, medium, and hard, which are increasingly difficult and increasingly rewarding too. Training increases stats of your players but also tires them, so choose to do training sessions way before your upcoming matches.

Squad Management:

You can manage your squad by properly placing your players at the required field positions. Also you can choose to give your players some rest in order to make them fit before their league matches. You can edit the formations before and during the matches so that your strategy cannot be predicted or anticipated by other players.

Scouting And Transfer Market:

Scouting provides a great platform to the managers as they can acquire new and talented players by visiting different places. Transfer market gives access to different players that are offered for sale. This is the best platform to get new players into your team. You can also list your unwanted players in transfer market and if someone buys them then you will get rewarded.

Official Content:

The game features lots of official content such as; team kits, stadium, players, etc. These contents can be acquired and used in matches. The game was recently updated with the latest squad and formation of the best football clubs, so that the players can enjoy the game to the core.

If you enjoy playing football and want to become the best team manager, then you should download the game and try our Top Eleven Hack as well and start gaming.


Top Eleven 2018 Hack